Todd Stager

Todd Robert Stager

Marketing & Sales

Specialization: Internet Marketing

    About Me

    Todd Stager stands at the intersection of Internet Marketing and Sales, driving online strategies for our organization. His unique skill set combines market analytics with persuasive sales techniques. A digital wizard, Todd consistently achieves marketing goals while maintaining stellar sales records. His deep understanding of web-based strategies coupled with an innate ability to connect with consumers has propelled our online success. With his relentless pursuit for results, Todd continues to excel, expanding our digital footprint while boosting overall revenue.


    Todd’s expertise in e-commerce is unmatched. His grasp of online consumer behavior, combined with effective sales strategies, ensures consistent revenue growth. He effortlessly traverses the dynamic landscape of online sales.

    Todd’s understanding of digital marketing has bolstered our online presence. From SEO to social media campaigns, his work resonates with our target audience. He masterfully crafts marketing strategies to drive engagement and sales.

    Todd’s leadership extends beyond marketing and sales. He fosters interdepartmental collaboration, aligning diverse team goals for overall success. His ability to harmonize efforts has made him an invaluable part of our team.


    SEO Proficiency 99%
    Content Creation 99%
    Analytics Interpretation 99%
    Social Media Mastery 99%