Ana Gabriela Porras

Ana Gabriela Porras Villeda

Costa Rica Customs Agent

Specialization: Costa Rica Customs & Logistics

    About Me

    Ana Gabriela Porras Villeda is a Senior Marina Assistant Manager with six years of experience in marine operations and vessel management. She has a proven track record of exceptional leadership and expertise in sales, financial operations, dock safety, and vessel management.

    Ana Gabriela is passionate about sustainable tourism and holds degrees in Business Management with a specialization in Sustainable Tourism. She possesses strong communication skills in both Spanish and English and is proficient in Microsoft Office and electronic invoicing. Ana Gabriela is a valuable asset in marine operations and vessel management due to her dedication, experience, and passion for the industry.


    • Marina operations management, including coordination of ships and yachts docking.
    • Vessel management, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with safety regulations.
    • Dock safety management, fueling procedures, dockhand management, boat storage, loading and unloading, distribution and warehousing, shipping and receiving.
    • Strategic planning for marina operations and compliance with safety standards.
    • Cruise permit facilitation and logistic coordination.
    • Sales management, including day-to-day sales, customer liaison, and negotiation.
    • Financial operations management, overseeing accounts receivables, payrolls, and ensuring smooth financial processes.
    • Contract negotiation with regional marinas and managing contracts with vendors.
    • Handling customs and immigration documentation related to vessel operations.
    • Managing financial reports, including inventory control and merchandise.
    • Implementation of sustainable tourism practices, such as reduction, recycling, and reusable systems.
    • Certification process for sustainable tourism, ensuring compliance with environmentally friendly practices.
    • Protection of cultural and natural heritages in the marina industry.
    • Utilization of computer systems for sustainable inventory control and financial reporting.
    • Administrative support, including senior management assistance and translation work.
    • Project implementation and proposal of business strategies for increased income.
    • Public relations, enhancing vessel storage at marina locations through negotiations with various marinas.
    • Customer service management, fostering collaboration between various teams and ensuring smooth guest services.
    • Fluent in both Spanish and English, possessing strong written and spoken communication skills in both languages.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Windows, internet usage, and electronic invoicing.
    • Utilization of computer systems for inventory control, financial reporting, and other administrative tasks.


    Marina operations management 99%
    Coordination of ships and yachts docking 99%
    Customs & Immigration documentation 99%
    Financial operations management 99%
    Client liaison and concierge services 99%