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We offer a comprehensive suite of marine services in Costa Rica, ensuring your vessel is maintained to the highest standards. It does not matter if you are a mega yacht or a sport fishing boat or a catamaran, you get the same level of 5-star services.

Marine Services

We provide a wide range of services including:

Marine services encompass a wide range of activities and industries related to the maritime sector. Here is a list of some common marine services:

– Port Services: Costa Rica’s major ports, such as Puerto Limón and Puerto Caldera, offer cargo handling, customs clearance, and other port-related services for international trade.

Yacht Transportation: Shipping and ferry services facilitate the transport of goods and passengers between Costa Rica’s coastal regions and nearby countries.

– Marine Surveying: Marine surveyors in Costa Rica inspect vessels, conduct safety assessments, and ensure compliance with maritime regulations.

– Marine Engineering: Costa Rican marine engineers may be involved in the design and maintenance of ports, harbors, and coastal infrastructure.

– Marine Logistics: Companies in Costa Rica manage the logistics and supply chain of goods imported and exported through its ports.

– Offshore Services: Offshore activities in Costa Rica could include exploration, marine research, and the development of renewable energy projects like offshore wind farms.

– Marine Insurance: Costa Rican insurance providers offer marine insurance coverage for vessels, cargo, and marine-related risks.

– Marine Salvage and Towage: In the event of maritime incidents, Costa Rica might have marine salvage and towage services to recover vessels and tow them to safety.

– Marine Environmental Services: Costa Rica places emphasis on marine conservation, with services focused on protecting its rich marine biodiversity and ecosystems.

– Marine Research and Exploration: Costa Rica’s marine research institutions and exploratory ventures study and explore the country’s marine environments and resources.

– Marine Training and Education: Educational institutions in Costa Rica offer training programs for seafarers, marine engineers, and other maritime professionals.

– Marine Consulting: Costa Rican marine consultants provide expertise on regulatory compliance, safety measures, and management strategies.

– Marine Technology: Companies in Costa Rica develop and implement technology solutions for marine applications, such as marine navigation systems and underwater robotics.

– Marine Security: Costa Rican authorities and private entities work to ensure the safety and security of maritime assets and facilities.

– Marine Tourism and Recreation: Costa Rica’s coastal regions attract tourists with marine-based activities like coastal cruises, diving tours, and water sports.

– Marine Law and Legal Services: Legal experts in Costa Rica specialize in maritime law, offering advice and representation for contracts and disputes.

– Marine Communication Services: Communication companies in Costa Rica provide services for maritime vessels and facilities, ensuring efficient communication at sea.

– Marine Catering and Hospitality: Catering services may be available on certain vessels and cruise liners operating along Costa Rica’s coasts.

– Marine Health and Safety Services: Costa Rica focuses on the health and safety of its maritime workforce and passengers through relevant services and regulations.

– Shipbuilding and Ship Repair: Costa Rica might have ship repair and small boat construction services to support its local fishing and tourism industries along its coasts.

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